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“In his enchanting and highly physical solo clown piece, Isaac Luy embodies Alejandro, an immigrant from Caracas, Venezuela, who, with childlike wonder, discovers the joys of living in Canada while reminiscing about his life and family back home. Sweet, sad and funny, Luy transforms himself into many characters, including numerous friends and relatives, fearsome thugs and Alejandro’s younger self. Some scenes turn dark, but the overall feeling is of buoyancy and optimism.”

“It’s clear this show comes straight from his heart.”

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Debbie Fein-Goldbach

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“From hilarious slapstick to tragic storytelling, this one-man show deals with the struggles of new immigrants to Canada. At times dark, at others funny with glimpses of melancholy and nostalgia, Isaac Luy showcases a range of attributes by portraying Alejandro, a newcomer to Canada. It is a very touching and physically demanding performance.”

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“EXIT works best when Isaac Luy, the professional clown who plays Alejandro, takes the time to build an emotional connection with the audience — which happens around 15 minutes into the hour-long play. That’s when he allows the viewers to journey with him through his emotions; to explore with him not only the happiness of being able to start over far from a place where he never felt safe, but also the frustration of being forced to leave behind everything he held dear.”

Carlos Tello

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Mooney on Theatre

“When the Clown (played by Isaac Luy) enters, every inch of him is pulsing with that nervous energy of being in a place that is as terrifying as it is exciting.”

“The Clown wrestles, literally, with himself to come to terms with his new life. Through the struggle, a life becomes clear behind the gauze of political colours and social issues. A manic but coherent voice, unafraid to laugh at itself.”

Eunice Wong

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Plank Magazine

“Alejandro also reminds us that safety is a luxury we take for granted. Throughout the course of the play, I found myself wondering what would I give up for the simple ability to feel safe. I have been lucky enough to live in places where I never felt I needed to lock my doors. I would never, could never, contemplate needing to move to a foreign country, leaving all cherished things behind, for the sole purpose of living in a place that is safe.

“Isaac Luy, who is also the co-creator and playwright, gives an energetic, funny, and heart-warming performance as Alejandro. And, spoiler alert, he is also an excellent dancer.”

Leigh Kerr

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“Exit sheds light on some interesting aspects of being an immigrant, and teaches the audience some things about Canada they might take for granted. It’s a sweet little show that not only makes you laugh, but also makes you think about what’s good about our country, how it could be better, and why someone would come here despite loving their home country the way Alejandro does.”

Chris Lane

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